Every grain counts,
every grind makes a difference

the OBEL
coffee grinder

Versatile - Effective - Robust - Silent

Choose the grinder type and features that suit your preferences and enjoy the unique freshness and aroma that only freshly ground coffee can offer. Investing in a high-quality grinder is an important step towards a better coffee tasting experience.

new Obel model dedicated to the world
of specialty and speciality coffee

absolute precision in grinding

digital micrometric adjustment

very long-lasting red speed grinders

Grind the flavor, taste the perfection

since 1953

OBEL coffee grinders

They are designed to offer precise and constant grinding of coffee beans, a fundamental requirement for obtaining a high quality espresso.

They offer a wide range of grind settings, allowing operators to choose the ideal grain size for the type of coffee they are brewing.

The experience of the professional

Coffee grinding is a crucial process in brewing a high-quality cup of coffee and involves reducing roasted coffee beans into specific sized particles. The size of the particles will influence the flavor and final preparation of the drink. Importance of Grinding: Correct grinding improves the extraction of aroma, oil and flavor from the coffee beans during the brewing process and helps achieve the best tasting coffee.


The On Demand line offers the possibility of grinding the coffee on the spot to obtain optimal freshness


Designed to offer a uniform and precise grind, essential for preparing high quality espresso coffee


Dedicated to the world of specialty coffee and specialties

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