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dedicated to the world of specialty and speciality coffee

Specialty Line


Genio is the new Obel model dedicated to the world of specialty and speciality coffee. The technical solutions adopted allow for a versatile and highly performing user experience. The high efficiency permanent magnet brushless motor does not transfer heat to the ground coffee even with intensive use, also guaranteeing reduced need for maintenance. Using the touchscreen it is possible to adjust the rotation speed and thanks to the  advanced motor shaft position control, doses are always correct and constant over time. The digital micrometric adjustment of the grain size also allows precise and quick setting of the grinding point. The two operating modes Barista and Lab allow flexible use of the product in different use scenarios. Thanks to its Ø 80 mm steel burrs with Red Speed coating, which are very long lasting, Genio is the ideal tool for any type of extraction desired. The inclined grinding chamber is designed to optimize the inflow of coffee beans and the outflow of the ground coffee in order to guarantee constant grain size, guaranteeing the “Zero Retention” characteristic which is essential for the preparation of high quality drinks, satisfying the palate of the most demanding consumers.

ideal for any type of extraction desired

• Digital micrometric adjustment
• Absolute precision in grinding
• Very long-lasting RED SPEED burrs
• Silent grinding

Touch screen

Continuous micrometric adjustment (optional)

Red speed coated Ø80 mm burrs
long lasting (4000 kg)


The user interface is elegantly and intuitively designed, allowing anyone to use the Genio coffee grinder with ease, even those who have no experience in the art of coffee grinding. And it allows you to store 5 different doses of ground coffee The versatility of Genio is also highlighted by the ease of removal of the filter holder fork, thus allowing convenient use of the ground coffee glass included in the package.


Red speed coated Ø80 mm burrs
long lasting (4000 kg)

Motor 230V 50/60 Hz
Max 600W high efficiency

Adjustable motor speed

Checking the rotation of the crankshaft

Electronic regulation of
micrometric grinding

2 operating modes
Barista and Lab

5 programmable doses, modes
continuous grinding

Dimensions 21x38x55h cm

Weight12 kg

One-hand grinding activation

Filter holder fork with clip
easily removable

Ground glass included

3.5” touchscreen display

Hopper capacity 500 g

Silent grinding

Colors: black-white

data sheet

On request

Hopper 250 g - 1200 g - 1500 g

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